Our goals


  Our goal is to educate young girls/boys and men/women on how to avoid any "metoo" moments. We want to build a help community and give people a platform to express any thoughts or ideas of how to bring abuse to a halt.

  Abuse is happening to young girls and boys every day. We are attempting to put a stop to everything, everywhere! We will band together and figure out how to terminate unacceptable behavior.

  This community is for anyone who has experienced some sort of abuse, whether it be verbal, physical or sexual.

  We realize it is harder when you are younger, but we are only here to help. If you are a young person and you feel there is no one who would really understand, let's join together and come up with solutions so nothing scary will happen to you.

  We will win this ongoing battle!

Help is Here

  We are proud to be partnered with Samaritans out of Boston, MA. They are a go to 24/7 phone line which is geared towards people who are suicidal or just need to speak. Their number is 877-870-4673. Please feel free to contact them at any time if you are not comfortable or would rather not post on this site. We are here to help!

Our Thoughts

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    Let’s remember firstly the Bill Cosby issues. Number one, no one is speaking of this any longer… No one is even mentioning Anita Hill, and she was the original woman to stand up to sexual abuse in the workplace.

    I have noticed a visual with the Bill Cosby and the #MeToo campaign girls and women which have been too painful to look at and realize that there have become two similarities in the stage of both campaigns. Where is Bill Cosby?… Is he going to be remanded to attend the fancy “hospital” as the others just to get the media off of his back or is he going to just hide… I suspect the latter.

    On television, as they are about to present a past and present group of valid nightmares, the visual that is displayed are real faces, real stories and real tragedies all with faces so tiny you can’t tell who is whom. 

    I am struck by a similarity between  two horrible reports. I guess the Bill Cosby women are now going to be put on back burner. Of course, deservedly so, the women involved in the #metoo,  are now at the forefront.

    There are so many now that when the media presents them BEFORE they start to speak, they show photos of women. These photos  end up displaying tiny images and you can’t tell who is who, like a book of stamps.

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Your Thoughts

This is a safe space. If you would like to share anything, whether it be ideas or experiences, please do. The more we work together, the stronger we become. Our Twitter page is where we welcome you to interact with us and others who have experienced abuse. Absolutely no inappropriate or negative comments allowed.